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In the land of Joffre

Year: 1918
Publisher: Editions Bossard
Notice to the reader: These pages, which I am putting together today, if they were to be a complete evocation of French Catalonia, I feel with humility how insufficient they would be. Of this beautiful ruddy country, where Spain and France mix their colors and their races, here are only a few paintings, a few images, diverse as life itself, collected here and there during a too rapid stay. …

Illustration and excerpt

Illustrated anthology of Provence

Year: 1929
Publisher: Henri Laurens
Summary :

In the land of Aude

Year: 1929
Publisher: J. Peyronnet & Cie
Summary :
Table of contents and extract

With MISTRAL on the roads of Provence

Year: 1931
Summary: Beautiful work where we find many illustrations by photographer Detaille and pretty watercolors by Léo Lelée. We thus travel all the paths taken by Mistral.

The Côte Vermeille and Languedoc

Year: 1931
Summary: Descriptions and tours of the towns of Languedoc, their past and their history linked to that of Provence.


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