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Since the death of our grandfather his working lodge has not changed. His desk, his seat, his lamp, his books, and even the wooden trunk he had brought for his trip to America full of all the notes, journals, brochures he had brought back from the new world and that he did not He himself probably never reopened once he returned home. Everything remained in its place as if he had closed the door himself the day before. His countless correspondence has barely been closed.

The family bastide

This small working pavilion in the middle of nature has only one room without any amenities, but it is there that he spent his days reading, composing his poems, writing his notes, his lectures, his articles. of newspapers, to prepare his lessons….
It was for him a haven of peace where he could think without worry and in the greatest tranquility beside nature which was for him an ever changing spectacle which rested him.

With him we enter his universe:



Emile Ripert Sings Provence
A BOOK + A CD tribute to the poet Emile

Read and listen to those who paid homage to Emile Ripert during a reading evening organized in Paris at the Cave à Poème on March 1, 2010.

Public price: € 18.00 + shipping costs
to be ordered on the site:

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… A big thank you also to Véronique Ripert, granddaughter of the poet, without whom this evening of March 1, 2010 could not have seen the light of day. When you have this book in hand, you will take Le train bleu which will take you to Le Golfe d’Amour and La Terre des Lauriers, the Provence so dear to Emile Ripert.

Gerard Trougnou

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