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Today Emile RIPERT

In the 19th century my grandfather was born, the 20th century saw his poetry flourish
but also the rebirth of the Provençal language, the 21st century pays a moving tribute to Émile
RIPERT through numerous actions whose great interest is to address the young people of today and to last over time thanks to the initiative of the city of La Ciotat with the support and help of Crédit Agricole, for the creation in 2009 of the first “Émile RIPERT poetry competition”.

This current chapter “Today Émile RIPERT” presents the fruit of the various initiatives undertaken both in La Ciotat and in schools.

A big thank you to all !

I invite you every year to the great poetic rendezvous in November at La Ciotat.

Véronique Ripert
granddaughter of Emile Ripert

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