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Music: Symphony No. 8 (4th movement) – Antonin Dvorak (1841-1904)

In 1932 Émile Ripert stood for election
legislative in the canton of Arles.
He is not elected.

In 1934 Émile Ripert stood for election
cantons to be General Councilor of Bouches du Rhône.
He is elected


We then saw in Aubagne and La Ciotat, butterflies stuck on tree trunks and in public places bearing this humorous wording:

When Ripert pour l’Art campaigns
Beware of Ripert
Because it’s playing who-loses-wins
If Ripert wins, Art loses!

Article in the newspaper “L’Eclair de Montpellier” on his candidacy

“What the hell is he going to do in this mess?” He is neither more nor less than the author of “Chemin Blanc“, of “Terre des Lauriers” and of this charming and delicate work which is called “the poem of Assisi”

… Yes the poet Émile Ripert will be a candidate in Arles in the next legislative elections…. It is easy to see what a Parliament could gain by electing this professor. We can see more, what the Republic of Letters could lose.

The most beautiful legislative speeches will not make us forget, Émile Ripert, the melancholy grace, included in this single line, celebrating the harmonious Mediterranean:

“The sea seems a pale path to Italy …

And if the Chamber has to take from us one of our most gracious troubadours, who will remain to evoke the delicious charm of the Perugine nights, which he sang:

“Here are divine evenings over divine Umbria. ”

This is the question that many people ask themselves in Provence

Admit they are not wrong.

Rolling Stone.

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1934/1941 – Actions – Development of the Old Port, School of Fine Arts, the learned societies of Marseille, passive defense, household waste, sewers.

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