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Information and recommendations for an optimized visit of the website

The entire site presented in a frame, three vertical columns, is optimized for a 1028 x 800 screen display.
Most of the codes and tags used are recognized by Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, versions year 2004 and beyond.
The site offers total browsing security, guaranteed to be virus-free, advertising-free, pop-up-free, and java-free when it was put online on January 4, 2007.


To play the animations, activate the animation playback in your browser, deactivate the blocking options of your anti-virus.
For low speed connections (56 kb modem) wait for the animation to load completely and refresh the page.
To hear the mp3 format music integrated in certain animations, activate the sound of your computer.

Download the latest flash plug-in:

Links to pages including animation are announced by the flash logo:

Flash animation and integrated music Flash animation without music


Static images are in jpg and gif format (no animated gif)
Animated images are in swf format
The pages are in html and pdf format


HTML tag
javascript code


The RETURN link on certain pages allows you to return directly to the last page visited, or to the last navigation click within a page.

If your browser does not accept scripts, use the left menu to return to the chapter consulted, or unlock the blocking of scripts.

Internal navigation links display the page in the frame.
External links open a new window.


To read the Émile RIPERT website – his life – his work – in full screen two possibilities:

  1. press the F11 key on your computer keyboard, to return to the normal display press the F11 key again.
  2. a click on the link Display the whole site “Émile RIPERT – his life – his work” in FULL SCREEN, a new window opens in full screen, to close this window a click on the link CLOSE in the menu on the left or press simultaneously on the keys Alt + F4

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