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Music: Mireille (mixing) – Charles Gounod (1818-1893)


… I had proposed to create a passion between two beautiful children of Provençal nature, of different conditions, then to let the peloton run on land, as in the unforeseen of real life, with the winds!
… Wasn’t he alive, singing around me, this poem from Provence with its azure background and its frame of Alpilles? We had to go out to be completely dazzled. Didn’t I see Mireille pass by, not only in my dreams as a young man, but also in person, sometimes in those nice little girls from Maillane who came, for the silkworms, to pick the mulberry leaf, sometimes in the joy of these weeders, these hay cutters, grape pickers, olive growers who came and went, their breasts parted, their headdresses tied in white, in the wheat, in the hay, in the olive trees and in the vines?

Frédéric Mistral “Memories and stories”

Cante uno chato que, pecaire!
Noun pousque ‘vé soun calignaire! …

I sing about a young girl, who, the poor one,
Couldn’t have her lover.

F. Mistral

When poor Nanon, my maternal grandmother, wanted to help one of her daughters:
– It’s Mireille, she said, it’s the beautiful Mireille, it’s Mireille, my loves …

Frédéric Mistral “Memories and stories”

Let us look at the cradle of this predestined child: her father is called Mistral, her mother is called Provence, her godfather is called Lamartine, this is the whole mystery of her birth and her glory.
Emile Ripert “Mireille, My Loves …”

1858 – MIREILLE and Alphonse de LAMARTINE

1863/1864 – MIREILLE and Charles GOUNOD

1904 – Festo Vierginenco

1930 – MIREILLE and Emile RIPERT

MIREILLE – Epilogue

MIRÈIO complement

September 8, 1859 – MIRÈIO
March 29, 1909 – Letter from Frédéric MISTRAL to Emile RIPERT
June 14, 1930 – Mireille my loves … When I graduatePages 204 to 208 – Epilogue
1931 – In her fifteen years was Mireille AIn his fifteen years was Mireillenimation and extracts


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