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Correspondence Louis MALBOS October 15, 1934
Louis MASBOS – Curator of the Granet museum to Emile RIPERT
October 15, 1934

"Your victory in Marseilles is the victory of the poets and all the poets of Provence are swollen with pride. I cannot tell you how the result I learned early this morning, after all this campaign that I have always followed wholeheartedly with you, is a joy for me. This is because your election, of course, is far beyond the scope of a regular election. It is a whole part of Provence, a whole part of the people of Marseilles who voted yesterday for Provence which sings and which fights in a fruitful fight. Today it is not only a canton of Marseille but all of faithful Provence that has you as its representative.
We may well now think of the time which may not be very far away, when the world will be led to the rhythm of poets, of those who know the secrets of the earth, the march of the stars and the march of the people.
I know very well that words of congratulations will grow up at your doorstep everywhere. Of all these voices that will rise to you, I would like this voice of the youngest to be one of your friends, be for you the voice of new and faithful Provence, of all this Provence which struggles and which knows that sooner or later it will will end up being right and who henceforth puts in your courageous hand his faith and his hopes which will not always remain in vain. I am more than ever wholeheartedly.
Your Louis Malbos.


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