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In the land of Aude … – 1929


… ..I am entering the Lices and heading towards the setting sun. In this immense corridor, which stretches between the two formidable walls where the great towers are embedded, the blood of the West flows freely. It seems that the city is bleeding tonight from all its wounds of old and that the blood of the companions of Trencavel mingles with that of the crusaders of Montfort.

… .But above all these shows, is not the most beautiful one where the whole City, ablaze with Bengal fires, one evening seems to be the prey of a prodigious fire, seems to be fighting against an army of assailants concealed by the magnificent ravage of the flame? Fire sculpts fantastic architecture again; infernal archangel, he is a Viollet-Le Duc much more powerful than any human artist, no criticism can reach him …. Once a year takes place around the City of Carcassonne a strange festival of fire.


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