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In her fifteen years was Mireille – 1931

Music: Cantata BWV 106 – Actus tragicus – Jean-Sébastien Bach (1685-1750)
To read text without animationIn her fifteen years was Mireille

"When she was little she wanted to wait for me
In the evening, if I came home a little late, to open up,
And so I heard his light step descend
The black staircase and then towards the door run;

Now here she is in another house,
Where never sleeping, we are always expected,
Where day and night are only the same hour….

Ah! when I finish the race of my days,
One last time, oh my little dead girl,
Will you come in the night to open the door for me again? "

As soon as I entrusted it to the earth,
As soon as from the body of the useless child,
The Spirit broke free, then, triumphant,
Sank into the heart of the mystery,

In spite of myself, under his written dictation
These worms through which a dark light passes
From another world, where his face is
The Spirit that now moves my mind …


Each of her fifteen years was Mireille
"The young girl she was would wait keenly
For me to return, late and would let me in
I’d hear her soft steps approaching lightly
Down the stairs and to the door rushing in

Here she is now in a different dwelling
Where without sleep, we’re expected still
Where day and night strike the same ring…

Ah, when the time comes to read my will
O my little dead child, for one time more
Will you again at night for me unlock the door?

As soon as I left her in the care of the earth
And from this corpse, this now purposeless child
Jumped the victorious Spirit through the turf
In the depth of mystery, it sank away to hide

Reluctantly I let, on her homework my hands
Write those verses tainted with a dark glow
From a world beyond, where her silhouette stands
The Spirit that ever since moves my spirit so…

From left to right: Emile RIPERT around 1930 (1882-1948)

His daughter Mireille (1914-1930) – His wife Adrienne (1886-1970)


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