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… these are these girls, these beautiful girls with Arlesian hair, that we talk about all over the world. They have preserved the nobility and elegance of our Provencal breed. They wear superb, such as princesses, Mireille’s ribbon. They know how to speak with a mouth as sweet as honey the sweet tongue of Félibres: they are the source of love, joy and finesse, where the eye of the artist and the soul of the poet come to be mirrored and drink the ideal… F. MISTRAL

Aquest image es la lièurèio
Ouferto i sorre de Mirèio
That fan glori of pourta
The couifo of Arle emé fierta.

The “Festo Verginenco”
at the ancient theater of Arles

This picture is the gift
Offered to the sisters of Mirèio
Who praise themselves to wear
The headdress of Arles with pride.

Watercolor by
Léo Lelée (1872 – 1947)

Mistral distributes the festo diploma to young girls from Arles


This costume festival, which we owe to Frédéric Mistral, honors 15-year-old girls who take on the Arlésienne costume and headdress for the first time.

Tradition perpetuated each year, last Sunday of July, at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, after mass in Provençal, blessing of bulls and horses in the arena. In the afternoon, big parade and show in the arena.


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