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7 plays

The coronation of Musset

Year: 1910
Publisher: Le Feu – Union Française d’Edition
Summary: Small poem in 1 act which brings to life all the characters sung in verse from the works of Alfred de Musset.

King René

Year: 1933
Publisher: Editions du feur
Summary: The history of Provence and in particular of its attachment to France. We see King René in familiar scenes, we witness a conspiracy of Sénéchal Pierre de la Jaille (Palamède de Forbin), damned soul of Louis XI, with a Catalan emissary Don Miquel Cardona, to train the king to come to war against the King of Aragon… King René is in opposition to King Louis XI the indulgent sovereign, artist, the painter king who above all loves Beauty and practices Kindness.

King RenéAnimation and extracts



Year: 1935
Publisher: Inédit
Summary: Play in three acts. Symbol of maternal pain struggling with the fate of the Gods; triumph of human greatness before the determinism of Heaven.



Year: 1936
Publisher: unpublished
Summary: Unpublished piece, in verse. Two paintings depict the heroine of the Provençal hagiogarphie: Sainte Marthe.

The return of Fontvieille

Year: 1936
Publisher: Editions des Poètes des Pays Latins
Summary: Small one-act play which is a hymn in honor of Alphonse Daudet which was performed on May 27, 1936 in Fontvieille by actors from the Comédie Française.

Lavra and Petrarch

Year: 1937
Publisher: Editions Billaudot, Sucesseur
Summary: Work written on the occasion of the 4th centenary of Petrarch, who at the age of 33 lived as a hermit in the mountains of the Vaucluse fountain. He makes us relive the face and the loves of this great humanist with Laure, wife of Hugues de Sade, ideal lover and inspirer of very beautiful love sonnets. This 4-scene play was performed with great success at the Avignon Theater and the Antique Orange Theater by artists from the Comédie Française.

Lavra and Petrarchpages 46 to 48

The MarseillaisePress articles

Year: 1939
Publisher: Editions Denoël
Summary: Play in one act and in verse by Emile Ripert and Gaston Picard

The MarseillaiseAnimation and extract


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