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5 Speeches published

Praise of Clémence Isaure

Year: 1912
Publisher: E. Basset & Cie
Summary: Praise pronounced at the capitol of Toulouse in the solemn session of the Académie des Jeux Floraux on May 3, 1912
pages 8/9


Year: 1920
Publisher: Typographer and lithographer Barlatier
Summary: Public session of the Academy of Sciences, Letters and Fine Arts of Marseille – Reception speech by Mr. Emile Ripert – Response from Mr. Paul Barlatier, former director of the Academy

Praise of Frédéric Mistral

Year: 1920
Publisher: Ed. Champion Editor
Summary: Speech delivered at the Académie de Marseille on February 1, 1920

Year: 1923
Publisher: Ferran & Cie Marseille
Summary: Speech given by Emile Riper, professor at the Faculty of Lietytres of the University of Aix-Marseille, at the prize distribution of the Lycée de Marseille on July 13, 1923


Year: 1936
Publisher: Les frères Douladoure printers
Summary: Delivery of a vermeil token to Mr. Emile RIPERT – Speech by Bishop Clément Tournier – Response from Mr. Emile Ripert
address in alexandrines


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