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10 oCollections of Poetry


The White Path

Year: 1904
Publisher: Eugène Fasquelle
Summary: The title is inspired by the white dust of the roads of Provence "the little white path that leads to Azure …. ". Collection of intimate verses.
Notre Dame de la Garde –The crib The cribLa Farandole

The Gulf of Love

Year: 1908
Publisher: Edition Du Feu
Summary: Work of youth marking his attachment to his land and to its Gulf of La Ciotat. Under this mystical title, Emile Ripert gives us all the impressions that the senses and the imagination gleaned from his dreamer's soul along the Gulf of his childhood.
The Gulf of LoveThe Gulf of Love

The Land of Laurels

Year: 1912
Publisher: Grasset
Distinction: National Poetry Prize
Summary: A sort of legend of the Provençal centuries in verse written in tercetus form which takes up the eras and characters that have marked its history of Provence since the Greeks (Gyptis and Protis, Cornelius Gallius and Petrone, Saintes Maries, Dante, Avignon and its popes, Vauvenargues, Mirabeau, Sièyes, Thiers, Roumanille, Mistral Daudet, Fabre…). It is a hymn to Provence, its landscapes, its memories and its glories.
Port de la CiotatLa CiotatLes OliviersThe mistral –

The Wounded Siren

Year: 1920
Publisher: Plon-Nourrit & Cie
Summary: On the sands of the Gulf of Love, intoxicated by the scent of Laurels of Provence, slept a Homeric siren, whose lethargy, more than a thousand years old, was disturbed by the cannon across the Rhine of 1914.

The Poem of Assisi

The Poem of Assisi

Year: 1924
Distinction: Saint-Cricq-Théis Prize in 1921
Summary: Emile Ripert’s trips to Italy had a profound influence on him. It was Assisi that marked him deeply and it was there that he had the revelation of the genius of poverty embodied in Saint Francis. The Poème d'Assise, composed in 1907 unpublished until 1924, overflows with religious inspiration.

The poem of AssisiAnimation and poems

The Pilgrimage to Maillane

Year: 1924
Publisher: Editions Le Feu
Summary: Poem dedicated to the glory of Mistral and an evocation of his admiration and his fervor towards the one who was the Master

Poems from America

Year: 1926
Publisher: Edouard Champion
Summary :

Selected poems

Year: 1928
Publisher: Eugène Figuière
Summary :

The blue train

Year: 1929
Publisher: Flammarion
Summary: A collection of 120 pieces, most of them remembering sites visited or impressions experienced during his travels in Provence, Corsica in Italy or in America, in Algeria.

In her fifteen years was Mireille

Year: 1931
Publisher: Editions de la revue des poètes
Summary: Sentimental poetry composed after the death of his daughter Mireille on June 4, 1930.

In his fifteen years was MireilleAnimation and extractspage XIX


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