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4 Novels

The gold of the ruins

Year: 1922
Publisher: La Renaissance du Livre
Summary: A novel about a Provencal child attached to his land who endures life without putting up much resistance. A very pure and very sentimental young man who will see him die without being able to marry the young girl he loves, herself a victim of circumstances and of her parents’ selfishness.

When I am a Bachelor

Year: 1925
Publisher: Flammarion
Summary: Miss Cécilia Bregaillon failed the Latin baccalaureate in modern languages because of the Latin version. But now archeology introduced him to Etienne Jacquier, lecturer at the Faculty of Letters, this professor who corrected the Latin version … Etienne Jacquier will fall in love with Cécilia.

When I graduatePages 161 to 165

The double sacrifice

Year: 1925
Publisher: Editions of the real France
Summary: This novel poses the problem of intellectuals and artists facing war. It is the story of several young people who carry with them an intellectual treasure and resolve in a different way to sacrifice it to their homeland. We attend dialogues between Olivier Pradeilles, the musician who wants everything to come after art, and Olivier the painter, who is torn between the demands of art and those of life and his country. For Olivier who will give his life, the sacrifice will have been twofold.

The double sacrificePages 36 to 40 – 66 and 67 – 354 to 357

The last flight of the Eagle –Press articles

Year: 1927
Publisher: Flammarion
Summary: A novel full of imagination in which we witness an imagined transport of Napoleon’s body to his native land, with clandestine kidnapping at the Invalides.


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