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24 Critical Works – Essays

Frédéric MISTRAL

Year: 1905
Publisher: At the offices of the “Grande Revue”
Summary: Brochure published while Emile Ripert was still a student at the Ecole Normale Supérieure which researches and studies all the influences that shaped the character and work of Frédéric Mistral

On the death of Frédéric Mistral

Year: 1914
Publisher: Plon
Summary :

The versification of Frédéric Mistral

Year: 1918
Publisher: Librairie ancierre H. Campion Publisher
Notice to the reader: It is easier to write a few verses on the virtue of the sun and the song of the cicadas than to patiently read verses while trying to find out how they are made; it is more pleasant to listen to the song of a flute than to dismantle its mechanism. This mechanism, however, is not without interest; both for the public and for poets curious to know all the resources of their art. It is a comprehensive and detailed study of the harmony, rhythmic forms, and techniques of Mistral’s poetry.

The versification of Frédéric Mistral Table of contents & pages 101 to 105 – chapter VII – The music of verse

The Provençal RenaissancePress articles

Year: 1918
Publisher: Champion
Distinction: Crowned by the Académie d’Aix
Summary: Emile Ripert examines all literary movements from the troubadours to the creation of Félibrige. With this work, it was the first time that the world of Provence presented itself as a subject of scholarly research.
The Provençal renaissanceIntroduction – Table of contents – pages 285 to 287 & 290 to 291

Provençal Literature and Teaching

Year: 1918
Publisher: Le Feu
Summary :

OVIDE – Poet of Love, Gods and
of Exile

Year: 1921
Publisher: Librairie Armand Colin
Summary :

The Félibrige

Year: 1924
Publisher: Armand Colin
Summary: Small volume which is a digest of the Provençal Renaissance. Its purpose is to provide an easy-to-read overview of the Felibrean movement and its origins.

The FélibrigeTable of contents & pages 67 to 71 – Part two: Le Félibrige and Frédéric Mistral

Provençal at the Baccalaureate

Year: 1925
Publisher: Editions du Feu
Summary :

Should we admit the Langue de Mistral at the Baccalaureate?
– Investigation and Conclusions

Year: 1925
Publisher: Editions Le Feu
Summary: May this study, conducted as seriously as possible, lead to the desired result of finally having Mistral’s texts admitted among those of French poets and Latin poets, in whose double beauty they participate, among the texts admitted to the exams of the baccalaureate, certification of classical studies.


Year: 1929
Publisher: Librairie Renouard
Summary: He studies landscapes, history, Letters and the Arts, customs, life and the soul of Provence. Emile Ripert punctuates each of these chapters with quotes borrowed from the best writers of the time.

Mireille, my loves …

Year: 1930
Publisher: Spes Edit.
Summary: Mireille embodies a whole race and Emile Ripert loves this figure of religious, supraterrestrial, infinite love, because she reminds him of his own Mireille. His dear child who left him, his Mireille who flew out of this world at the age of fifteen.
When I graduatePages 204 to 208 – Epilogue

The Roumanille Bookstore

Year: 1934
Publisher: Company limited by printing A. REY
Summary: To study the Roumanille bookstore is to place yourself at the very heart of Félibrige, that is to say at the very heart of the Provençal Renaissance, of the Oc language and even of the French language.

OVIDE The Fastes

Year: 1934
Publisher: Librairie GARNIER Frères – Paris
Summary: New Translation –

Notes and Comments for the poem by

Year: 1935
Publisher: Société d’Editions les Belles Lettres
Summary: Complementary thesis to La Renaissance Provençales

Place de la Concorde 1934

Year: 1935
Publisher: Albert Messein
Summary: In memory of the intern Jean Fabre and the French who fell on February 6, 1934 on the Place de la Concorde

Louis LE CARDONNEL – His last moments, his

Year: 1937
Publisher: Aubanel
Summary: It was in Assisi that he first met Louis Le Cardonnel, a renowned poet from Valence, who had abandoned his literary career in full glory for the priesthood. The meeting of Emile with Louis le Cardonnel in Assisi makes us penetrate into his religious soul. He has devoted many articles to him and a book retracing the last moments of the poet-priest.

OVIDE The Sad – The Pontics

Year: 1937
Publisher: Librairie GARNIER Frères – Paris
Summary: New Translation –
pages 204/205

François-Marius GRANET

Year: 1937
Publisher: Plon
Summary: In “Marius Granet” he studies all the work and life of this great Provençal painter, art critic, still very little known today.

OVIDE Les Amours

Year: 1941
Summary :

Verse and prose for Alphonse DAUDET

Year: 1942
Publisher: Les Editions de la France Nouvelle
Notice to the reader: Here is my tribute to the memory of Alphonse Daudet, in verse and prose. … .. My personal contribution to the memory of the one who was the great friend of Aubanel and Mistral,
the protector of Baptiste Bonnet and who, if he did not have enough faith, in the value and the future of Félibrige, never ignored its poetry or its grandeur, the one who always came, as said still Mistral, drinking at the source of Hippocrene, “in our capital, in Avignon which laughs …” and which for fifty years also mourns the great novelist ..
. Emile Ripert. September 21, 1942
Table of contents Alphonse Daudet and Provence The return to Fontvieille

Frédéric Mistral and his message

Year: 1946
Publisher: Edisitons Spec
Summary :

OVIDE The Heroids

Year: 19 ..
Publisher: Librairie GARNIER Frères – Paris
Summary: New Translation

Joseph Roumanille

Year: 19 ..
Publisher: P. Lethielleux
Summary :


Year: 1968
Publisher: Hachette
Summary :


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